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Members get access to copy/print services at Wonder CC. BW copies are $0.06 each and color runs $0.15 each. Scanning is free, but you gotta set up a PIN below. With our current machine, printing from thumb drive from PDF is best.

You’ll need to pre-pay for your copies in proximity here>> under Add-ons. Due to our copier's system, please allow 1 business day for your account to reflect your print credits. We'll get more high-tech soon, but until then it may be a good idea to over-estimate/buy bulk your printing needs so you're not cut off before our account updates. It also saves money!

Best Practices

  • You will be charged for all copies you make.

  • If you are only printing BW please select BW in the print menu. If it’s accidentally color, you will still be charged for color.

  • Heavy papers are best fed through the bypass tray and Nick or Erin can help you if you’re trying to do anything special.

  • If you’re having major trouble with print quality, please let us know.

  • Always do a test ALWAYS DO A TEST before printing a large run!

Please request a PIN below and wait for a confirmation email that we’ve got you set up. You will be billed each month for your usage, so please keep up. You can request a print count at anytime from

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