15 Tips to Get the Most Out of Working At a Coworking Space

Put Yourself Out There

Regardless of your personality type, take initiative to introduce yourself to new members. Nothing beats making a good, friendly first impression to a fellow coworker. A hello! will go a long way, either it could land you the next collaboration, get your next client, spark the most inspirational conversation or simply create a new best friend.

A simple smile and ‘good morning’ when you enter the office could be the start of a great relationship. Knowing your co-workers helps build a stress-free environment leading to better work life and productive time! A good strategy is to take a break with people in fields that are different from your own and see the ways your fields intersect. Grab lunch with someone in your field and talk openly about opportunities and issues in the industry.

Get Involved in the Community

If you’re not necessarily wanting to go out of your way to talk to others or make connections, at least make yourself and your business is known at community events so everyone’s aware of who you are and what you do! A great non-intrusive way to meet your fellow co-workers is to participate in events and social gatherings organized by your coworking space.

The first step is to participate. WonderCC will host events, workshops, guest talks, socials and happy hours, and special networking events to give members an opportunity to mingle; share upcoming projects, explore setbacks, and celebrate successes.

Socialize Not Just Network

The goal is not to talk to as many people as possible: one meaningful and interesting conversation is worth a thousand business cards. You don’t need to attend them all, if something is not of interest at all, you don’t need to make an appearance. Check out Wonder CC’s upcoming events calendar, stay updated and if something is remotely on your radar, check it out!

Take Initiative

Run a workshop in your area of expertise or organize a pub crawl, or host a table-tennis tournament or monthly community meeting. Speak to your Community Manager and get it organized. This is a great way to introduce yourself (or your company), get to know your neighbors, possibly find a new client and/or gain a referral.

Don’t Sell

Don’t always look for the opportunities to sell. People who are simply trying to have a light conversation at water-cooler or kitchen are not necessarily interested in the hard sell and  people may start to avoid you.

Smart Talk

Don’t start up long conversations with people when they are not fully contributing to the discussion, most of the time they are just being nice to you. Always ask if they are up for a discussion.

Know Your Community Manager

Get to know your Community Manager as they are an invaluable resource. They will have a good knowledge of the people within the space, are informed about events, and deal with any issues that arise. Ask questions, give feedback, share your ideas and your projects! They will be glad to listen to you and  help find solutions together or introduce you to people who can help you professionally.

By getting to know your Community Manager(s) or a well-connected member(s), you'll be poised to make the connections that may ultimately mean business for you.


It’s important to realize your limitations when you work for yourself. Helping each other is an integral part of coworking culture. If you’re a software developer, you’re not necessarily a designer, product manager, or marketer as well. When you work at a coworking space, people with those skills are probably right next to you and are just as interested in building something awesome as you are.

Invest in your community by taking a genuine interest in what they do. Ask questions. This provides both parties with an opportunity to learn one's strengths and collaborate! Best part of coworking spaces is the ability to look across the room and ask someone for help with exactly what you need!

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

The great thing about coworking spaces is that they operate as real human spaces. Talk to your coworkers, and talk to your Community Managers. Let them know what you are looking for: they will guide you through the infinite resources of their networks, knowledge, coworking and it will help you to integrate. Be as precise as possible when you ask for help.

Participate in the Online Community

Leverage your coworking community’s communication tools - WhatsApp group or Slack channel or a Facebook group for quick help with relevant asks (‘help I need a designer/UX person/content writer etc.’).

Juice the Offerings

Optimizing your coworking experience is really about putting the resources available to your full use. There are a number of obvious solutions to help you work your best, such as meeting rooms, audio-visual equipment for presentations , and/or printing and copying solutions including complimentary items such as coffee, water, and snacks.

Wonder CC offers discounts to member hosted events and is working towards members receiving discounts at nearby businesses.

Be Organized and Disciplined

Without cubicles, you add more distractions to the mix. It is easy to start random conversations as people are usually friendly. Being organized and disciplined in your place not only helps you boost capacity but helps the coworkers to be productive as well. It is easy to get carried away as you are at a place where a lot will be happening around and it will easier to draw into it.

Set a Routine

The most important thing about being productive is that it can only be accomplished by setting a routine and being disciplined. Prepare a routine and be ardent about following it. Set timers for how long you’re going to work, and have intense focus and maintain breaks to keep your workday on track - take a walk or have a conversation. Be consistent and make a plan with a coworker friend to meet over a coffee every day at a certain time.

Invest In Decent Headphones

It can be hard to concentrate on your work when there are a bunch of interesting conversations happening around. Noise is the main complaint in open-plan offices. It is easy to get pulled into random conversations with people sitting around you. Sometimes this can be extremely distracting and unproductive.

Headphones are the universal coworking sign that you don't want to be disturbed. Headphones are a topmost recommendation for staying productive.

Experiment with Different Spots Within The Space

One of the best parts of working in a shared space is your ability to choose your work environment. Speak to the Community Manager and try out which area makes you feel most comfortable. If you’re having a hard time concentrating at your desk, head over to a couch or communal table. There’s likely an area that will make you feel right at home.


This list was appropriated and adjusted to WonderCC content.The original list first appeared on Entrepreneur.com on 12/19/2017  and was written by, Vineel Reddy Pindi Founder & CEO at Collab House