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Founded by Eric Clausen, Cat Peña, and Nick Peña, Wonder CC aims to be a flexible, functional co-work space and place for artist-run experimental programming. We want to foster a community of creative freelancers, organizations, and small businesses to help them connect, grow, and create! Our tiered membership will offer various workspaces (private offices, dedicated desks, hot-desking, large communal tables) AND time on our programming calendar to host meetings, exhibitions, gameshows, workshops, pop-ups, performances, and more! 


To create a sector specific co-work space that focuses on Memphis creative professionals who are ready to champion a collaborative atmosphere.


To build bridges, not silos, with a focus on programming for and by creatives.


Be willing to wonder, never go it alone, service the creative community.


our team

Cat Peña  Co-Founder / Owner

Cat Peña

Co-Founder / Owner

Camille Smith  Marketing Intern

Camille Smith

Marketing Intern

Nick Peña  Co-Founder / Owner

Nick Peña

Co-Founder / Owner

Erin McInnis  Graphic Design / Social Media Marketing

Erin McInnis

Graphic Design / Social Media Marketing