Community Handbook

Welcome to Wonder / Cowork / Create. 

let’s get coworking!

First of all, we are glad you are here!  You may have joined for a variety of reasons – tired of working from home, in need of socialization or just looking for some fresh coffee?  We can help you with all of it, and some pretty cool networking and workshop opportunities too! Hopefully you will make some forever connections to help and support you in whatever fork you choose to take in the road of life.  So, your busy, we won’t take a lot of your time, but we want to take a minute to tell you “how it works” here at WonderCC.

Your Membership Website is know it, use it, love it.  This is where we house a lot of good stuff.  You should have a login and password from when you signed up to be a member of WonderCC.  

Along the top of the screen, you will see three options:  Members, Reservations, Events.

  • Members: See coworkers, what they do and what they look like. If you haven’t bragged about your business or uploaded your best selfie (or made a Gravatar) yet, please do!

  • Reservations: See the conference room calendar and schedule a meeting. Cancelling a booking is done under My Bookings shown below.

  • Events: Our goal is to provide awesome learning workshops here at WonderCC that you can register for. Keep checking back for new opportunities, or talk with us to schedule one of your own!

On the top right hand side of your home screen, you will see your name and a place for your picture (please upload one!).  Hit the dropdown arrow and you will see:

  • My Profile: Make changes to your profile, add contact information (if you would like), update your skills and abilities for all to see and change your password. Note, there is an area for a pin code to be used for the back door.

  • My Bookings: Shows upcoming conference room reservations. You may cancel a booking from here.

  • My Keys: Will reflect doors you have access to and whether they are locked or not. Click on the locked door you would like open, and shazam - its open (for 15 seconds). View the tutorial here to add ekeys to your smartphone.

  • Memberships: See your invoices (billed on the date you signed up) and change your membership plan. WonderCC does not tie you down with a contract, all memberships are month to month. Remember, your membership includes the right for you to be here as well as any individuals you are holding meetings with in a scheduled conference room.

  • Billing: Review Your Billing History and access WonderCC’s Terms and Conditions.

  • Payment Sources: Add an additional payment source here. We currently accept credit cards and ACH directly from your bank account. Please ensure all financial information is up to date. We send a couple notes if something isn’t quite right, but we do not want your account to be disrupted unnecessarily.

  • Log Out: I think we all are pretty familiar with this. Don’t do it unless you are a password remembering ninja.

Internal Ops

Hours of Ops:  WonderCC is open for regular business hours Monday - Friday and on Sundays from:

Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Saturday: CLOSED

Sunday: 1:00 - 5:00pm (FREE Cowork Sundays with The Hive Collective)

If you are accessing the building outside of core hours, you will need to use the ekey that you downloaded to your phone (See “My Keys” for a reminder). This key will only work after hours if you are signed up for a membership that allows this access.

So how does this coworking thing actually work?

We have 15 MUST DO’s set up under our Resources tab at  We encourage you to read them, embrace them, practice them. Trust us, you will dig it and it will make your experience much more rewarding. We hope you love it as much as we do.

The main thing is treat others as you would want to be treated in a company setting. Treat other peoples customers as if they were your own. Sometimes the Community Manager will step out or be working with another member (although we really, really try to be available). If you are free and someone walks in, greet them – if they are your guest, show them the coffee and the couch.

What do I do?  Where do I go? What have I done?

Relax😊 We want you to hit the ground running, so we have some logistics to lay on you.  Here is how our space is broken out:

Community Space: Here you will find one of our Community Managers (Cat, Eric, or Nick), hot desks/tables, soft seating areas, dedicated desks, kitchenette, bathrooms, office supplies, exhibition walls, copy and print station, and reservable conference room. Hot desks/tables and soft seating areas are first come first serve.

The Kitchen:  Fridge, microwave, toaster oven are for your use. Please clean them out when you use them.  Please mark your items with your name – otherwise if it is in there, you can eat/drink it. The fridge is generally cleaned out on Fridays, items left and unmarked will be tossed. This is also where you can find fresh coffee, and a plethora of coffee crafting supplies.  Fill your cup the way you like it - It’s included with your membership.

Something went wrong! WIFI crashed? Server not working? Rabid Raccoon in the building?

Check the Book of Knowledge in the top drawer of the small cabinet next to the refrigerator. There you will find a  list of people to call after hours if there are any Maintenance/housekeeping issues that occur.


Parking:  Its FREE!  Our lots are to the east (i.e small paved lot in front of our entrance) and west (i.e. grass lot) of the building.  You are welcome to park anywhere in those lots.

Lights:  If you are the last one to leave WonderCC at the end of the day, please turn off the lights (channel your teenage years and your parents yelling ELECTRICITY ISN'T FREE).  

Kitchen:  Your momma don’t live here.  Please clean up after yourself. If you spill it, wipe it up. If you eat or drink from it, wash it.  Occasionally, be a good neighbor and clean up someone else’s mess too.

Thermostat: We share the heating/cooling system with the other tenants in this building. If you are the last person out please turn the three thermostats (near the bathrooms, in the bullpen and at the entrance of the meeting room) to 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter.

Fridge:  If it’s unmarked, anyone can eat/drink it.  The fridge is cleaned out on Fridays, so if it isn’t marked- it will be thrown.  If it is marked and has grown legs or a fuzzy coat- it will also be thrown.

Microwave:  Please put food/drinks into microwave for necessary time (apparently 10 minutes is a bit long to reheat pancakes and sausages).  Use reheat feature when possible. Please cover all food with paper towels.

Coffee Pot:  Located in the kitchen, left of the sink. Coffee is located on the shelf above the coffee pot and the filters are in the drawer below.  To make a new pot of coffee, load the beans in the grinder in the top, fill reservoir with 12 cups of water, push the grey button on the left side of the coffee maker to open the filter basket cover and load the filter. Press the on button and the coffee maker will automatically grind/brew. Once completed, enjoy your fresh coffee!

Hot Water: You can warm water using the black/silver electric water heater. It is on the kitchen counter. Just fill water to the max water line and place container back on the black base. Press power button on the handle and wait a few minutes for HOT water. Once heated, the water will stay warm for several hours so check the temp of the water before reheating. Several tea varieties are available in the kitchen but feel free bring your favorite.

Trash:  There are several trash containers throughout WonderCC including one to left of the refrigerator. Recycling can be found in the white container in the kitchen and is marked accordingly. If any of the trash cans are full, you can take a full bag out to the blue dumpster located near the front entrance of the alleyway.  Recycling containers will have to be emptied by WonderCC Community Managers. Garbage bags are located in the cabinet under the sink in the kitchen.

Bring food to share!:  If your cousins husbands moms friend owns a doughnut shop….HOOK US UP!

If you don’t see something we need, please tell a community manager and we will see if we can stock it. Our job is to make you happy. If it takes a new can opener or a special brand of tea, we will do our best.

Some Useful Things

WIFI Network:  

Always select Wonder340 - 2.4 or Wonder340 - 5

Our Wifi is secured using WPA2 encryption, which is the industry standard for Wifi networks—higher security than most coffee shops. However we cannot and do not guarantee that your connection is safe. If you are working on sensitive documents, we recommend that you use a VPN or take other measures to protect your information.

Phone Calls:

Use cellular phones or other communication devices in a manner that will not be disruptive to other members -using a head set is recommended. In the interests of maintaining a peaceful environment, WONDER CC requests that all members, guests, and clients turn their phones to vibrate while on the premises. We also ask that you move to the deck, balcony, or an open meeting room for calls longer than a few minutes.

Meeting Room:

Members may not have more than 10 individuals total in the meeting room. All monthly allotments of meeting room space usage included with memberships, as well as purchases of additional usage, are subject to availability of the room. Unused time does not roll over or accrue from month to month.

Printer / Scanner / Copier:

Members get access to copy/print services at Wonder CC. BW copies are $0.06 each and Color runs $0.15 each. We’re still setting up our system, so printing via flashdrive from PDF is best. Please request a pin at and wait for a confirmation email that we’ve got you set up. You will be billed each month for your usage, so please keep up. You can request a print count at anytime from

The Pet Policy:  Sadly, pets are not allowed at WonderCC like their owners, but exceptions will be made for service animals.

How A Community Happens:  We are here to work and be productive, but also to connect with other people in the community.  Here are some tips:

  • Make eye contact. It sends the message of let’s get to know each other a little, say hello and find out what we are all working on. Trust me, you don’t have to invite them to Thanksgiving - just a smile or a nod can say welcome.

  • Start a conversation: Hey, I haven’t met you before, I’m Jane Smith is a good start. This can evolve into “What kind of business are you” in or “what are you working on?” You might find that you have a lot in common and have someone to eat your reheated casserole with in the future.

Attending Events:  Social events are a great way to get to know other members outside the pressure of deadlines. The best part is, you can even make one of your events happen here! We love suggestions from you in the community as well, we want to have events that you want to be a part of! Lastly, the better you know each other, the better we can all get along and function.

Handling Conflict (it happens):  We are people with different backgrounds, businesses and life situations. Some of us are extroverts, some of us are not. We will probably need to vent sometimes, laugh sometimes...maybe even ugly cry (like full out ugly cry sob). But, this might be a little irritating or distracting to other WonderCC members. The best and healthiest way to deal with conflict is to approach the person calmly and directly. If you need guidance on how to approach someone, the Community Manager is here to assist. We are also committed to making membership a respectful and harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sex, sexual orientation, disability, neuro(a)typicality, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, age, political affiliation, or religion.

We expect members…

  • To take care of themselves, each other, and this place.

  • Be kind to each other, and to yourself. Create opportunities to collaborate with one another, and invite others to do so. Take care of our space as if it’s your home (or better). Leave spaces better than you found them. Encourage others in their endeavors, and respect each other’s privacy. Treat others with the professionalism, warmth, and respect with which you would like to be treated. So here is what we think about harassment: It is not cool… ever. Read more specifics here about WonderCC’s harassment statement in the resources tab on our website.

Thanks for being here and being you!