In support of the Memphis Medical District Collaborative’s mission to make the district more livable, vibrant and safe, MMDC facilitates public art programming that connects artists with community stakeholders to create interventions that are engaging and reflective of the neighborhoods in and of the District.

In partnership with Wonder / Cowork / Create (WCC), the Memphis Medical District Collaborative (MMDC) announces the launch of our first Creatives-in-Research (C.i.R.) program in the Madison Heights neighborhood starting in April 2019. The Madison Heights neighborhood's epicenter is at the intersection of Cleveland and Madison.

The C.i.R. program will conduct extended periods of paid collaborative research that focuses on a neighborhood or site to give creatives better insight into the underlying assets or opportunities prior to proposing a piece of artwork.

The C.i.R. program will be broken into three phases occurring over 4 months:

Phase 1:

Up to three selected Creatives will spend 12-weeks investigating and meeting the stakeholders of Madison Heights to define the physical, historical, and anthropological boundaries of the neighborhood. Journalists of High Ground News will be additional collaborators as they concurrently run their 12-week investigative reporting project in the neighborhood.

Phase 2:

Creatives will use their collective research to identify/develop a series of locations that are suitable for public art (ie. temporary, permanent, ephemeral), recurring neighborhood themes, and/or community needs specific to the Madison Heights neighborhood.

Phase 3:

WCC will work alongside the creatives as they develop 1-2 temporary/pop up projects in Madison Heights. Projects could take the form of a performance, gallery show, art installation, service, billboard etc. and are meant to be seen more as prototypes or experiments.

Nomination & Selection

Potential creative researchers will be fielded via nomination process. Nominators will be comprised of Madison Heights community stakeholders and arts & community organizations. Acceptance of nominations will close April 1st.

*Creatives may self-nominate.

The Selection Committee will bring together  a diverse group of creatives with different backgrounds, practices, experience levels. Favorable nominees must be able to work both independently and collaboratively. The nature of the project for creative researchers is to serve as objective & innovative translators for community voices. After fielding nominations, the Selection Committee will schedule brief phone interviews with finalists.

Selection Committee:

- Eric Clausen, artist, Co-founder of WCC

- Catherine Pena, artist, Co-founder of WCC

- Susannah Barton, MMDC

- Sydney Sepúlveda, MMDC


- Creatives must be 18 years or older

- Reside in the Greater Memphis Area

MMDC is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and disability.


(3) selected Creatives will receive $600 per month for the 3-month research period for a total of $1,800

  • Each Creative will also receive up to $200 for materials to aid in research.

  • Creatives will have a combined budget of $3,000 for up to 3 temporary/pop-up projects

  • Creatives will have access to space to work at Wonder/ Cowork / Create, B&W copy credit, lockable storage, and 4 hour reserved time in our meeting room

obligations of selected creatives

  • Selected Creatives will be required to attend two of High Ground News’ “Editorial Advisory Meetings” to meet with community members of Madison Heights. Exact dates to-be-determined:

    • First meeting:  2nd or 3rd week of April

    • Second Meeting: 1st or 2nd week of June

  • Attend bi-weekly meetings at Wonder CC to discuss research findings and track the progress.

  • Compile and share personal research findings and discoveries via a yet to be determined format. This information will be collectively compiled to help inform future projects and shared with MMDC.

  • Selected Creatives must spend roughly 6-8 hrs per week researching/exploring the neighborhood. This time should include some physical contact time in the neighborhood.

  • Willingness to work independently and collaboratively.


  • March 6th: Release Call for Creative Researcher nominations

  • April 1st: Deadline for Creative Research nominations

  • April 4th:: Selected Creative Researchers notified

  • April  8th: CiR program begins

  • May: Creative Researchers develop projects

  • June / July: Projects are created and launched/installed

More Information

Contact :

Wonder / Cowork / Create